Tiny Tot And Pets With Top Garage Door

Having children or pets at home means prioritizing their safety inside and outside of your home at all costs. It is impossible to keep a watchful eye on children and pets all the time. However, you can never be too cautious about garage door safety for the little ones and pets. 

Given their weight, garage doors can hurt both children and small animals. Calling for local garage door repairs and ensuring your garage door has the necessary safety measures that provide additional protection for your family is the best way to avoid some of these threats.  

Garage Doors Safety Tips to Protect Your Children and Pets

Calling the experts for garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD, is insufficient. Here are some beneficial tips to safeguard your children and pets from garage door emergencies.

Invest in Motion Sensors:

If your garage door has motion sensors, it will stop closing if a child or pet decides to get in or out. The motion-detecting sensors are often mounted on each side of the garage door. The detectors should be high enough to prevent debris from mistakenly setting it off and low enough to capture your dog if it darts underneath. You should occasionally check the security function by standing near the garage door or inside the building and dragging a stick down the bottom as it closes. The interruption of the beam should work and reverse the door.

Close Or Open The Door Properly:

The second rule is never to open your garage door partially, especially if it is electric-powered. It can move lower and close to anything if activated once more. Even though the door has a built-in safety feature that will reverse it, if your automobile is parked too close to the door, it might still damage the door and harm a tiny baby or animal. Therefore, get your garage door inspected and serviced to ensure the sensitivity and proper operation of the mechanism.

Openers For Smart Garage Doors:

The recent technology of smart garage doors aims to improve garage door safety. The safety feature on garage door openers allows for remote monitoring of garage door activity. Even better, modern smart garage door technology permits remote opening and closing of the door if you unintentionally leave it open. Additionally, you can check on your loved ones while at work, check to see if you shut the garage door, and receive notifications for any unusual activity. You can call for a garage door repair in Silver Springs, MD, to install garage openers to your automated doors.

Check For Changes At Your Door:

Visually inspect the garage door regularly to ensure that it needs any repairs. Check for evidence of wear on springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys, and call a garage door repair Silver Spring. Never try to take apart, reposition, or fix these components or anything connected to them. 

Inspect For Resistance And Gaps:

If you have an old garage door, there is probably a space left between the panels as they fold inward during closure. The area is vulnerable to injury from catching a finger, even a toddler’s finger. Ask your local garage door repair experts to install pinched-resistant panels.

Control Your Remote Access:

The remote control, or even the car itself with the remote control inside, can be taken by burglars to enter your home. Never give your remote-control access to a parking attendant or leave it in the car. Use a keychain remote if your garage door opener works with your car. The minor inconvenience is a price to pay for the security and comfort of children and pets.

Expert Help Is Better Than DIY-ing

Even a garage door with all the most recent child safety features can endanger kids if installed incorrectly. Precision can assist you in keeping your loved one safe by installing secure and functional doors.

We at Horizontal Garage Doors provide the ideal garage door services for your needs, ranging from garage door repair in Silver Springs, MD, to new garage door installation. Contact us today if you want the best services for garage door repair with modern safety features to protect your loved ones.

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