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A garage door is the biggest entrance point into your home. You want to ensure that it is secure from intruders breaking in. Furthermore, garage doors have a limited lifespan and may deteriorate a home, making it appear decaying and ugly. An old and broken garage door may also indicate to a burglar that a house could be simple to break into. A broken door and opener system can also put people in a home at risk, especially the young and old.  Therefore, It is always advised to get a garage door fixed or installed as soon as possible if you think it is worn out. 

Let's examine the things you ought to think about when considering garage door installation or repair in Bethesda, Maryland, to equip you with the knowledge. 

Garage Door Installation or Repair – What to choose?

Due to the cost and difficulty of new installation, nobody looks forward to saying goodbye to their old garage door. Additionally, the expense and duration of garage door repair are low compared to a new garage door installation. But with time, it will wear out regardless of how carefully you take care of it. Thus, the key problem is whether to replace or repair. Let's consider whether you should replace or repair your garage door since we are here to assist you with this decision. 

Kind and Amount of Door Damage

The majority of garage door damage and malfunctions are repairable. Fixing minor problems like scrapes and rusty hinges is easy. Also, modest damage, including dented panels and broken springs, can be replaced without putting in a new garage door. 

However, if there is significant damage, such as a twisted panel or a door constantly falling off track, it's time to replace your garage door. If your garage door openers are breaking every few years, which they shouldn't, then a new garage door will be less expensive in the long run than regular repairs and complications. 

Age of the garage door

Consider replacing your garage door if it is between ten and twenty years old and in good operating order. This is due to the higher likelihood that an older door may require replacement sooner rather than later. When a door is near the end of its functional life, it might not be worth spending money on repairs. Even if the damage is not worth it, there are still benefits to upgrading your garage door and replacing your outdated door. These advantages could include insulation, a more modern appearance, a garage door that more closely complements the design of your house, and more.


Repairs are less expensive than installing new garage doors when comparing prices. However, bear in mind that fixes won't always be the solution to your issue. There are instances where changing the door is essential. Certain defects are fixable. However, if the malfunctions are severe or happen often, the total will eventually double or triple. Your financial status is another factor that influences it. Such as what is the most money you are willing to spend on upgrades for your garage? Do you have the money to purchase a new garage door and more? Thus, consider all these factors while repairing or replacing your garage door. If you cannot decide, it’s highly advisable to take the professional’s help. 

Aesthetic appeal

If you're satisfied with how your garage door looks and functions, there's no need to replace it. Installing or replacing the garage door is the finest way to enhance the external aesthetic appeal and balance your interior design. Furthermore, the new one can consume less energy compared to your current door. Additionally, a new door may have more and greater insulation than a refurbished one. Before purchasing a new garage door, though, consider all these factors and consider whether it would be better to fix or replace your current one. 

Get your garage door repaired or installed with Horizon garage doors!

The garage door is a specific component that is specifically required for security. Moreover, you shouldn't experiment with safety issues. It is therefore advised to take professional’s help if you're wondering, “Do I need to repair or replace a garage door?". Some doors, however, can be more expensive at first, but they might also come with a number of benefits that could eventually outweigh that expense. 

Thus, for reliable garage door maintenance or replacement, give Horizon Garage Door a call. We are the garage door industry leaders in Bethesda, Maryland, and the neighboring areas. We carry many garage door brands, such as Amarr, Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, CHI, Overhead Doors (OHD), and Haas, to give our customers the styles they love. Our dedication lies in delivering the highest calibre of craftsmanship and customer service. We offer you a free estimate with no conditions attached so you can have your garage doors back in top shape. We are the ideal team for you since we have over ten years of experience with garage door installation and repair.

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Are you struggling to fix your garage door issues by yourself? We can help! At Horizon Garage Doors, we offer an extensive range of garage services – from new installation, general repairs, complete replacement to regular maintenance. If your garage door is facing some problem and you need assistance, give us a call on 301-852-6441 today!

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