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Garages are an essential component of all homes. They keep your vehicles safe and are used as principal entrances in many homes. A garage door keeps burglars out of your garage and assures the safety of both your car and your home. The garage door is regularly opened and closed, so it suffers from significant wear and tear. As a result, regular Clarksville garage door repair and inspection are critical.

When a garage door is not appropriately maintained, it can pose major safety risks to you, your car, and your loved ones living with you. To avoid compromising safety, you must fix any garage door problems as soon as you see them. You can enlist the assistance of our professional Clarksville garage door repair provider, Horizon Garage Doors, to assist you with this process.

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Reasons to Avoid DIY Garage Door Repair in Clarksville

DIY home remodeling projects appeal to many homeowners. Taking up the correct work on your own can save you money, provide enjoyment, and give you a feeling of accomplishment. Some tasks, however, are better left to professionals, and garage door repair is one of them. Let us look at why you should avoid repairing a garage door on your own.


One of the most important reasons not to attempt garage door DIY is the risk of injury. Attempting to repair your garage door without the necessary experience and understanding may end in accidental injury.

Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, making it unsafe to perform repairs without sufficient expertise. Injuries may result if the door closes unexpectedly during your little home-fixing project. Professional specialists understand how to operate your door’s hinges, springs, and rollers; however, you may not have the appropriate training.

Attempting a garage door spring repair, in particular, could result in injury. Springs must be extremely tight to support the door’s weight. If a spring snaps or loses tension, parts may fly out and cause extreme bodily damage to someone, or the door may crash shut. Thus, look for our Clarksville garage door repair, like Horizon Garage Doors.

Additional damage to the garage door

Attempting a garage door repair on your own significantly increases your chances of using the incorrect part, tool, or method. Doing so risks causing further harm to the door and the damage you are attempting to repair.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and try to fix your garage door on your own, the door could fall and damage anything inside the garage. Moreover, added damage can only result in more money spent on repairs. In the worst-case situation, you could endanger yourself or your family members.

May void the warranty

The warranty conditions may become void if you attempt DIY repairs while your garage door is still covered by warranty. Manufacturers will only respect the warranty if our qualified technician performs the repairs. Thus, you may be on the hook for the entire amount if something goes wrong after you’ve done your repairs. This is why, even if the Clarksville garage door repair appears small, it is always preferable to consult our professional before proceeding.

Possibly saves money

Hiring our professional instead of a DIY might save money on garage door repair. Our professional services have the appropriate tools, sources, and wholesale discounts. Thus, while you may be compelled to pay retail for a new motor or component, professional Clarksville garage door repair services can obtain the identical part at a lower cost.

More often, though, homeowners try to replace an entire garage door or motor system when they don’t need to because they don’t know how to figure out what’s wrong with the garage door. In other words, people may spend hundreds of dollars on pricey motors and openers when a simple change to a track is required to get a door working again.

How Long Will a Garage Door Last?

It’s hard to say how long a garage door will last on average because estimates are based on how often it’s used. The normal garage door must last between 15 and 30 years, based on the materials used, the maintenance program, and the local temperature. The average lifespan of an automatic garage door opener is 10–15 years. This implies they will have to be replaced more frequently.

Are Garage Door Repairs Costly?

How much it costs to fix your garage door will depend on what’s wrong with it. Some simple repairs, such as a broken spring, can be reasonably priced. However, more complex fixes, such as replacing a complete panel, might be pricey. Regular garage door maintenance is the greatest way to avoid sudden, costly repairs.

Why Choose Us?

Garage doors feature a lot of moving parts and potential for problems. Some repairs might be hazardous, especially when dealing with springs and wires under extreme tension.

As a result, contacting our Horizon Garage Doors professionals will benefit you in such times. You can rely on the quality and dependability of our garage door repair work since we only provide the best assistance to you. As a Clarksville garage door repair service, our speed and agility enable quick turnarounds with minimal downtime.

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