Choosing the Right Garage Door Size for Your Home

Knowing the conventional garage door size and measurements saves you a lot of trouble when building or remodeling a home. The overall width and height are two characteristics of buying or replacing a garage door while choosing the door for your home. 

Several things and specifications should be considered before buying a garage door, and consulting a garage door repair expert in Laurel, MD, might be the best idea. Nevertheless, this blog contains all the factors that will help you to buy an appropriate garage door. 

How To Opt For The Best Garage Doors?

Garage doors must have sufficient clearance to open and close properly. The most common garage door style is 7 feet tall; while it is suitable for average-sized automobiles, heavier trucks, and RVs require additional clearance in a taller and wider garage, so it will not work for them. Here’s how you can select the best garage door size that suits your needs:

The Standard Size:

The diversity of standard sizes for available garage doors will surprise you. For instance, garage doors are appropriate for quad bikes, golf carts, or other recreational vehicles. You can call the local garage door repair in Elkridge, MD, to provide an in-depth understanding of what size works for your specifications. Custom homes have taller garage doors with single or double doors. The size of a three-car garage will vary depending on its setup. The measurements are typically 22 feet by 32 feet. They can, however, grow up to 30 feet by 30 feet in some circumstances.

The design of a New Garage Door:

Aesthetics is a significant determining factor as well. You might not have many design and size options if you want to replace an existing garage door. However, if you are constructing a garage, consider your home’s design and the aesthetics of single versus double doors. The Clarksville garage door repair experts help you achieve a better balance with the design of your home with two single doors, which can help to lessen the impact of one enormous door.

Single Vs. Double Door:

Choosing between a single and double door is another significant decision. It is vital to take the time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each door size if you can select between them. Cost is a key deciding factor since a single and double door cost is comparable in most circumstances. Larger doors will weigh more and need specific hardware, tracks, and openers to sustain the added weight. If you want to have two single doors, it is preferable to have a wider garage. But, if you need one door, you can get away with a smaller garage. Contact a garage door repair in Silver Springs to help measure the required garage door dimensions.

Changing Your Garage Door’s Size:

From a building aspect, it is simple to make your garage opening smaller so that a smaller garage door can be retrofitted. Increased garage door opening sizes are a better preference to allow vehicles, boats, and other things that are difficult to fit through the present garage door.

It is often impracticable to extend garage door openings without expanding the garage. Try covering the span above the door opening with a long header supporting the wall surface above the entrance to extend the door’s overall dimensions. The support will need to be increased or rebuilt. 

Installing Precise Insulation While Installing A New Garage Door

The Horizontal Garage Door professionals are available to you every day of the week, around-the-clock, for seamless and hassle-free garage door repair in Laurel, MD. We ensure choosing and installing your new or replacement garage door with our years of experience and necessary equipment. Visit the website today or call us at (410) 505-3136!

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