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Garage Door Broken Cable Repair Services


Don’t wait for your garage door cables to completely snap. As soon as you notice the wires untwining themselves, give us a call.

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Why Did My Garage Door Cables Break?

Garage door cables have a lifespan just like anything else. Your cables are more than likely broken due to old age, or perhaps an improper installation. To get a clearer picture of what’s going on, our expert garage doors repair specialists would love to come out and take a look.

Can You Repair Broken Garage Door Cables?

Repairing garage door cables and replacing parts is what we do. As you may know, there are various types of garage door cables. Understanding which cables are broken is critical and depends on which types of springs you have. The different types of cables are:

Lift cables exist on doors that utilize torsion springs. You have lift cables when you see that your cables are fitted on the bottom corners of your garage door and connected to the torsion springs.

Retaining cables are utilized on doors that contain extension springs. You can identify retaining cables by finding your cables within the springs. Your springs will be located directly on the left & right side of the door. Many doors utilize retaining springs to prevent your springs from catapulting across the garage in the event that they break.

Both types of cables are extremely heavy-duty and can usually operate for many years without breaking. However, in the event that wear and tear is accelerated by external factors, they may break. Remember to routinely inspect your garage door cables for any visible signs of damage. This can help you prevent any catastrophic failures.

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