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How Do Garage Doors Come Off The Track?

Your garage door utilizes rollers that ferry the garage door along its tracks. When something gets in the way of those rollers, the garage doors can come off track. Additionally, there are many other reasons why your doors may have jumped off their tracks. You may have hit your doors with a car, because of a poor installation, perhaps the garage door cables are broken and many other reasons. To fully understand why your garage doors are off track, give us a call.

Garage Door Off Track

What Should I Do When The Garage Doors Come Off The Track?

The first thing you should be aware of is the dangers involved when your garage door comes off its track. For starters, exercise extreme caution when around the door. Additionally:

● Don’t try to operate it.
● Don’t try to move it.
● Don’t try to fix it.

The last thing you want is a heavy wooden or steel garage door collapsing on you, your family or your vehicles.

Garage Doors Off Track Columbia, MD

Our Process

When it comes to getting your garage door back on its track, we follow a standardized process

1. We will begin by detaching your door from its automatic garage door openers
2. Secondly, our team will open your door just enough until the roller is aligned with the place where it came off the track.
3. Now, we will use tightening grips to lock the door in place while we work
4. After that, we will methodically work to get your rollers back on the track
5. After testing that the garage door opens and closes properly, we will connect it back to your garage door opener

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