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A perfectly working garage door is an essential asset to every home. However, people seldom take the time to inspect its condition and performance, which increases the chances of requiring garage door repairs in Silver Spring sooner than expected. Homeowners need to understand that their garage doors need periodic maintenance service to ensure it operates smoothly for years to come. 

With regular usage, it is susceptible to wear and tear. However, leaving the signs like rusted panels or chopped edges will lead to severe damage. Opting for the best garage door repair services in Silver Spring, MD will help you meet all your specific needs and ensure a safe environment for you and your family.

Signs your garage door needs repair:

Your garage door can transform the exterior of your house, improving the curb appeal and complementing the architecture. Rather than investing in the new model, there are times when you can get away from the situation by choosing the on-time garage door repair Silver Spring

Look for the below signs while you diagnose your garage door and decide whether it’s time for a tune-up.

Makes a noisy operation

Squeaking arises when you are opening/closing the garage door, indicating that the door needs lubrication. Some other unpleasant sounds (like grinding and rumbling) are warning signs of problems with the garage door that will disturb the entire equipment. Therefore ensure to consult a professional to get the issues fixed.

Slow response time

Inspecting the response time for opening/closing the garage door is important. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to operate once you press the button. If it is taking a longer period, causing delay, or facing any interruptions, then it’s time to inspect and repair the garage door springs along with other components.

The door comes off tracks.

Your garage door should function within the respective tracks on either side of the door. Nevertheless, the door might sometimes slip off the track even though it has been hit by anything. The parts are probably wrong if the door hops off the tracks for no reason. 

When left unchecked, this issue might cause severe injuries and damage. Therefore, Contact an expert for garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD, to analyze and repair the problem immediately. 

Sagging garage doors

Sagging garage doors is a common issue among households. Though when the condition worsens, the door might lose balance and face potential damage while functioning. The best way to avoid such circumstances is by manually checking the garage door for perfect balance. 

If the door doesn’t remain in the same position and tends to fall or rise on either side, there is pressure on the garage door spring and other parts that require repairing. 

Broken or damaged panels

When your garage door has broken panels, it will pose serious security threats. They enable the heating and cooling air to escape the vent, increasing homeowners’ costs. Moreover, the torn or dented doors will compose the function of the equipment if you don’t address the issue immediately. 

Won’t close completely

When the garage door doesn’t close down or doesn’t open completely, it will be a frustrating situation. It will leave your home unsecured, allowing the moisture and temperatures to seep indoors. It could indicate that you need to call for professional support.

Summing up!

Any issue with the garage door will affect your daily productivity and cause inconvenience. However, it is not something you can attempt to solve yourself. If you have noticed any of the above warning signs in your garage, it’s time to call for professional help for garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD.

We at Horizon Garage Doors offer a wide range of garage door repairs in Silver Spring, along with regular preventative maintenance to avoid potential problems in the future. Our skilled technicians offer precise workmanship and individuated services so you can return to having a reliable and long-lasting garage door function.

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February 24, 2023

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