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If you are a house owner, you should be relying on your garage door to get access to your home multiple times a day. As a vital element of your commute, it should have a smooth transition process when you push a button, running efficiently as possible.

However, like any other equipment, the garage door has several moving parts and occasionally requires maintenance to function without any hassles. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them properly to postpone emergency local garage door repairs to ensure that it stands out for many years.

Best 5 preventive maintenance tips for garage door

When you neglect any issues in the garage door, it will result in severe structural damage, electrical malfunction, water damage, and other potential consequences. Implementing a few tips and tricks will prevent excess wear and tear on your garage so that it can continue to perform with its smooth operation. 

Here are the top five preventive tips for keeping your garage door in tip-top shape.

Lubricate the moving parts.

The biggest aspect that leads to repairs in garage doors is friction. Lubricating or greasing up the moving parts is a prompt and proactive measure that will add years of longevity to your garage door. 

Add a small amount of lubrication to coat the opening’s chain, overhead sprints, rollers, door tracks, and hinges. You can see a big difference in your garage door function, be it preventing noise or the smooth opening and closing function.

Check the balance of the garage door.

If your garage door is not properly balanced, the overhead door must work hard, affecting its lifespan. Hence, you need to test the balance of your garage door to ensure its life and hassle-free operation. Pull the release handle tightly and disconnect the opener. 

Now partially open the door to inspect the balance. You must adjust the door springs if the door moves up or down. Since it’s a delicate issue, it is best to call the local garage door repairs expert to do the job.

Secure the hardware regularly.

A garage door tends to be opened and closed multiple times a day. This usually will make the hardware loosen over time, which can compromise your safety. Therefore, check the garage door’s hardware in a periodic routine and tighten the parts to keep every nut and bolt in shape.

Examine the safety features.

The auto-reversing feature of your garage door utilizes mechanical and photocell safety measures to avoid accidental crushing in its path. Performing a safety test for these features once or twice a year will be good practice.

For instance, you can put a large item between the door and the ground or wave your foot while the door closes. If the door doesn’t auto-reverse, you have to repair your garage door opening to avoid any serious damage or injury.

Perform a visual inspection.

The next time you use your garage door, keep your ear and eye out for any unnecessary sounds or unusual sights like staining, slow risking, or sequins. These could be signs for additional maintenance services to prevent further major repairs.

Final words

Your garage door is the enormous moving part of your house and is used all season. Imagine dealing with uncomfortable noise or a garage door that doesn’t work properly. It can take a serious toll on your safety and day-to-day life.

Are you seeking professional assistance with your garage door maintenance? At the Horizon Garage Door, we evaluate your situation throughout and offer personalized solutions. 

Our expert team of professionals offers comprehensive local garage door repairs and maintenance strategies to prolong the life of your garage door while restoring your peace of mind and comfort.

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