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While looking for a garage door installation or garage door repair, there are multiple options and considerations to hiring a garage door contractor. So hiring the right person for the job is crucial. But making that choice can be difficult because not everyone is equally qualified for the job, and you may not know what to ask to evaluate them. The process is even harder for people doing it the first time!

You may have questions such as what should I look for in my contractor? What kind of door to choose from? How do I know that I’m getting good quality service? All in all, garage door repair or installation can be confusing and overwhelming. 

So here are the top five things to know and ask your garage door contractor before hiring them. 

What is the estimated cost?

Before installing a garage door, it is important to compare products and find the best one that suits your needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go for the most expensive one. 

Asking the garage door contractor may help make a better decision because they have the expertise and will suggest a product that suits your needs. But beware of contractors who are pushing for a single product without any consideration. Because of such situations, it is always good to do some independent research. 

Do you have a warranty or service plan?

The term “warranties” used in any plan makes us feel secure about our choice. But it is important to know what the coverage plan for the warranty is as well as what service plan the contractor is offering. Many service providers have “read the fine print” on the warranties and services plans which is crucial to secure you against any future issues. 

Do you have your license and insurance?

The average garage door can weigh up to thousand pounds, and the opener is electrically operated. So installation or repair is a tricky skilled task. So all states have licensing and insurance requirements for garage door services

It will help if you ask your contractors whether they have the required license. Don’t be afraid to even ask for proof before hiring them. Any legitimate Howard County Garage Door Repair or installation company will be glad to show you their documentation. 

What is the R-Value of the Door? 

R-Value is a term used to quantify the insulation ability of any object. In the case of a garage door, the higher the R-Value, the better the insulation. Your contractor should be able to give you the best advice on R-Value based on your needs.

Can you give me a reference?

The best proof of good service is a recommendation or reference from a previous customer. It would be best to look up online reviews of their service for a second opinion. Any online review website can help you know if the company has a top-notch reputation and good service. Look for a Howard County Garage Door Repair or installation company with a stellar reputation. 

How long have you been in business? 

Since garage door installation requires expert skill, it is better to be in business with contractors who have worked in the industry for a long time. The installation or repair may take longer when working with newbies.

So you have asked all these questions, now what? Now it is important to ask these questions to multiple contractors and compare their responses. A garage door is a big commitment, so you should take the time to consider all your options. Only decide after considering several options and choose the best possible option. 

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