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Garage Door Not Opening or Closing

We all own automobiles belonging to well-recognized brands with innovative designs and models in this rapidly evolving world of information and technology. Every one of us desires to get our automobile for ease of comfort and luxury while traveling to different destinations (let it be our workplace, drop our children at school, family tours, road trips, and various other places). 

But where do we park such luxurious sedans and SUVs? At the garage. So, we need to ensure that our garage is well maintained, just like our automobile. We always have a saying that “There’s no place like home”. We often feel comfortable staying at home rather than in other company accommodated rooms or fancy hotels. The garage is the home for the automobiles we own, and it’s our responsibility to build a garage for them.

Let us focus on some common issues you face with garage doors: 

Photo-eye sensor issues

Photo-eye sensors are installed in garage door openers to act as safety devices and ensure that there are no blockages or obstructions when the door is operated, such as when it’s opening and closing. They are essential features used in garage doors for the past 15-20 years. 

So if there are any issues with your garage door not completely closing, there are chances of a blocked, dirt accumulated or misaligned photo-eye. This could be due to dirt or dust that can clog the eye and block the laser beam, so cleaning them thoroughly using tissues can be a solution. There are also chances of cut or damaged in the eye due to rainstorms or leaks.

Lacking power source

Your garage door needs the power to operate, which is a primary thing to keep in mind. Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as forgetting to plug in the power source. This can also result from other mishappenings, such as a faulty outlet, blown fuse, or circuit breaker. You may require garage door repair to fix the power source for you.

Broken extension springs

This is a technical error that prevents your garage door from opening even while your motor may be running. You are sure to notice if your extension springs break as they tend to make a loud noise similar to a firecracker or a gunshot. It is advisable to approach a garage door repair in Howard County as it requires the right tools and professional skills and can prove to be hazardous if you try opening the door once there has been a broken spring.

Expired battery transmitters

Whenever there are issues regarding garage doors not functioning properly, you have to check the transmission receiver on the inside wall of your garage. You can try to manually activate the door by pushing the button on the receiver. If it works, you can figure out that the problem lies in the remote due to expired batteries and not with the receiver. This only requires a simple change of batteries to get the garage door working again.

Snapped cables

This can be more critical and troublesome than broken extension springs. The cables are responsible for bringing the door up and down by aligning appropriately with the extension springs. Cables sometimes get disengaged due to wear and tear like on a bike sprocket and can cause severe damage to the garage door with tremendous noise. 

Often, when a torsion spring breaks, the garage door cables may also snap, resulting in serious harm if a person happens to stand in the way of the cable. Always rely on garage door repair Howard County to repair and replace your cables. 

We hope that you understand the need to fix faulty garage doors as soon as possible to prevent any serious harm or damage to your automobile. Horizon Garage Door Repair Howard County is just a call away whenever you need their service! 

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