There are several possible reasons for faulty garage door opening. A component or component replacement may be necessary if your garage door opener breaks or your door fails to open completely. Get in touch with an experienced garage door provider like Garage Door Repair Columbia Md who is familiar with the make and model of your door to repair the door to your garage that needs to be opened. You must comprehend the cause of the garage door’s inability to open before learning how to mend an opener. The following are a few of the most typical causes of your garage door not opening.

The photo’s eye is not aligned

The garage door’s safety sensor is called the photo eye. Its task is to identify any person or object blocking the door. The picture eye can be damaged if the garage door opener makes a clicking sound and flashes its light.

The photo eye may be out of alignment for some reasons, including sensitivity. For photo eye realignment, try these remedies:

  • Clean the photo eye
  • Try removing larger obstructions
  • Examine how the two components of the photo eye line up.
  • Check the wiring of the photo eye of your garage
  • Examine the LED lights on the sensor’s two sides.

With these remedies prescribed by Garage Door Repair Howard County, MD, you can adjust the photo eye, which is not aligning properly.

Strained Tension Springs

One of the most frequent reasons a garage door won’t open is a broken spring repair. Garage door tension springs store mechanical energy and regulate movement. Wear and tear can weaken the tension springs, causing the door to malfunction.

According to the companies Broken Spring Garage Door Ellicott City and Garage Broken Spring Columbia MD, to ensure a smooth opening and closing of the garage door, garage door springs balance the weight of the door. Both manual and automatic garage door systems use these springs. As the door travels down the track, two extension springs raise and lower it, while two torsion springs span the breadth of the door.

The following factors may cause the garage door’s tension springs to break:

Wear and tear

The number of cycles on a spring determines its rating. A tension spring breaks once it has completed all of its cycles. Overuse of the springs might cause them to shatter suddenly while the door is in motion.


When rust forms on the tension springs, the coils’ resistance to movement increases. At least once a season, spray your tension springs with a silicone base to keep them from rusting and breaking. You can also get professional help from Garage Door Repair Prince George County.

When the following conditions are met, you may be certain that the garage door tension springs are damaged:

  • The door isn’t moving yet the engine is operating.
  • Something loud, like a firework, erupts from your home.
  • The more you attempt to operate the garage door physically, the heavier it seems.
  • The garage door creaks and grinds.

Examine the tension springs regularly to prevent breakage, and if necessary, make a professional appointment with Garage Door Repair in Anne Arundel County.

Broken or Unconnected Control via Remote

A wall-mounted panel or a remote control can be used to operate an automated garage door. All you have to do to open your garage door is press a button on the remote control or panel. The garage door opener receives a signal from the remote control to open or close the garage.

Your Remote device can be faulty if the garage door won’t open. To troubleshoot your remote control, try these methods approved by Garage Door Repair Howard County: 

  • Reach the garage door’s range.
  • Adjust the antenna.
  • Change the battery.
  • Reconfigure the remote control.
  • Disable the lock function.
  • Examine the wiring for the door control.

Reset the garage’s entry code and remove the remote from memory if your garage door opener is lost or stolen. By changing the access code, you may stop someone who lost or stole the remote from entering your house. You will need to put the new access code into any replacement garage door remote that you can purchase from Garage Door Repair Ellicott City.

To replace your remote control, look for the manufacturer’s name and model number on the side of the garage door equipment. You can also look for a replacement remote online or call the garage door maker from Garage Broken Spring in Columbia, Md. Another option is to buy a universal remote garage door opener that is configured to operate your garage.

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