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When you think of garage doors, there are several factors to consider. We want them attractive because a garage door is crucial to any home’s curb appeal. We also need them to function correctly. What could be worse than carrying a trunk full of groceries home in the pouring rain only to discover that your garage door won’t open? If we have kids or pets, we want to be sure that the safety features on our door are up to standard because a broken garage door can result in serious injury.

More importantly, we want our garage doors to be burglar-proof. According to research done by Nationwide, there is burglary which happens at an alarming rate of almost one burglary every 15 seconds. Out of this, 10% are due to the burglar entering through the garage.

This is precisely why we need to ensure our garage doors are as secure as possible. Let us discuss a few methods to do this.

Methods to secure your garage:

Cover your windows

People give their garage’s inside and exterior design greater thought. There is a drawback to having sunlight penetrate your garage, though. Those windows allow potential thieves to see what you keep in your garage.

Consider installing blinds if your garage has exterior windows. These are simple to open while working in your garage and easy to close when you want to keep your possessions out of sight. Remember any windows that are part of your garage door. Shades might not be an option for these primarily decorative window panels, but you can add coverings to make them opaque.

Install garage door lift mechanism

Manufacturers of garage door lifts have developed rolling code technology. The remote and the lift generate a new security code each time you use them. Think about having to change your email password each time you log in. Even though it would cause you a lot of trouble, that is essentially what these new lift remotes are doing. However, these doors are lifted using one or more torsion springs. So if you have a Broken Spring Garage Door in Ellicott City, consider getting it fixed otherwise your lifting mechanism might get very rough and will stop working over time.

If your present lift doesn’t have this feature, consider replacing it to include this essential garage security equipment. If you are uncertain as to how to proceed with this, get expertise from Garage Door Openers in Ellicott City 

Secure your emergency release:

The emergency release is a crucial component of your garage door lift motor. This is because it allows you to open and close the garage door in case of a power outage. You can deactivate the garage door’s motor with this dangling pull cord, which frequently has a red handle. But this update has also turned into a security flaw.

The release on more recent garage door openers is frequently installed at an angle that makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to pull it with a wire hook. However, you may also fix the issue with a more do-it-yourself security solution if you want to save money on a new door opener.

Wrapping up

We at Horizon Garage Door ensure that you receive quick new garage door installation or maintenance from a qualified crew that genuinely cares. So if you’re looking for Garage Door Repair in Ellicott City, we are your go-to solution. Contact us today!

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