Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

The ease with which the garage door opens or closes with the press of a button a couple of times a day should never be taken for granted. Over a period of time, due to mechanical wear and tear, the garage door may fail to open easily. This does not happen overnight. There are quite a few indications that some part of the mechanized garage door needs attention. Generally, the garage door spring wears out due to constant daily use.

Garage Door Springs

A door spring is present on the top of the door inside the garage. It is plainly visible and connected to cables that help open and close the garage doors. The unimpaired functioning of the garage door depends on the faultless functioning of the spring attached to it. The placement and type of cables connected to the door spring depend on the model of the automated garage door system.

When the button is pressed, the cables attached to the spring move. This increases tension on the spring and leads to the opening up of the garage door. If the spring gets broken or damaged in some way, it won’t operate properly, resulting in a door that doesn’t open correctly or a door does not open at all.

Broken Spring Garage Doors

The springs on the garage door are the most likely part to get worn out, damaged, or broken. This makes the diagnosis of the problem simple. A broken spring garage door can be a serious safety hazard. Malfunctioning automated garage doors have fallen on unsuspecting individuals many times.

Indications of a damaged spring can be in the form of:

  • The garage door shakes or lurches as it goes up and down.
  • The door appears misaligned or crooked as it moves along the track. It may get stuck while opening or closing.
  • The door does not open, even when the emergency release is activated.
  • The door falls speedily when the garage door is being put down.
  • The top portion of the garage door bends when it is opened.
  • There is a gap between the rings in the torsion spring attached to the garage door.
  • The door moves up more slowly than usual.
  • Overriding the electronic opener and opening the door manually is extremely difficult as the door is very heavy.
  • The door opens a few inches and then crashes down.
  • Over time, springs become worn and start squeaking.

Automated overhead garage doors add convenience to our busy lifestyle. However, when the garage doors are not in a flawless working condition, they not only disrupt the daily routine but become hazardous too.
If you observe any of the above signs, contact our experienced service personnel. With over a decade of experience in garage door repairs and installation, The Horizon Garage Door team is the best option for installing new garage doors and garage door repair in Ellicott City.

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