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Have you ever wondered about the significance of a garage door? It is not merely an aesthetic attachment but an unspoken symbol of utility and comfort. Speaking of which, a garage door opener can be a helping hand you didn’t know you needed. It is a mechanical attachment that is easy to install with a garage door repair in Silver Spring MD. Apart from installing a new garage door, pre-existing garage doors can be repaired as well.

Benefits of garage door repair

Besides being highly functional, garage doors offer multiple advantages. Some of them are discussed below.


If you, too, are done with having to get out of your car every single time that you enter or exit your garage, then all you need is a quick garage door repair. Automatic garage door openers can be operated with a voice command or smart home devices. 

Thus negating the need to open the garage door manually. With the press of a single button, you can save yourself both time and energy. This modern housing equipment is one of the most functional tools in this fast-paced world. Its convenience is, hands down, its biggest perk.


A garage door opener may seem like a ‘convenient’ investment, but it’s much more than that. Garage doors act as a barrier between the outside world and our precious home. 

Garage doors are a necessity in times when property-related crimes are increasing in the area. Automatic garage door openers have special features to make sure that access remains solely with the owner.

Modern Housing Solution

Apart from being safe and convenient, it is a modern piece of housing equipment. If selected and installed carefully, it can instantly uplift the overall appeal of the house. It is one of the most prominent features that is visible from outside itself. Finding a garage door opener that is functional and enhances the aesthetics of the house is essential to an overall transformation of the house.

Energy efficiency

Unlike most conveniences in life, a garage door opener is energy-efficient. It does not consume a lot of electricity. Hence, it has no significant impact on monthly budgets. It uses the bare minimum of energy in practice and maintenance. 

Some garage door openers come with additional features like lighting, which not only acts as an efficient feature but also as a safety feature. 

Types of garage door openers

Garage door openers are equipment that can turn your whole world around, in a good way indeed. They come in a variety, depending on the requirements. You can choose from a huge range accordingly. They are broadly categorized as follows.

Chain-drive Openers: 

Such openers use a metal chain to operate the garage door. They are more affordable and easily available. Hence are often used in residential spaces.

Belt-drive Openers:

They use a rubber belt in place of a chain and produce the least sound. They are highly durable but have a higher cost.

Screw-drive Openers:

These have a trolley and steel rod that helps them move. However, they cost slightly more than the belt or chain drive openers.

Direct-drive Openers:

Such openers have a stationary chain with a motor that moves along the chain. These are expensive and have limited availability. 

Smart / Automated Openers:

These are by far the best garage doors in the market. Especially suited to comfort-loving people. It can be operated using a remote.


The installation of a garage door opener is as important as choosing the right garage door opener itself. Hence, it is advised to get it done by experts. At Horizon Garage Door, we deal with all types of garage door repairs. Be it providing the best-suited garage door opener or simply the installation, we have got it all covered. All the aforementioned types of garage doors are available in our store.

We can modify existing garage doors with simple gear replacements. There’s no garage that our team of skilled technicians cannot transform. We work with some of the leading brands in the market, like Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Sears, Marantec, etc. Take a step towards transforming your garage with the best garage door repair in Silver Spring, MD.

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