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Most homeowners are aware of the importance of regular maintenance for their garage doors. However, one component that often goes overlooked is the garage door spring. Without a functioning spring, your garage door won't open and close as it should. If your garage door spring shows signs of wear, it's essential to take action and repair it as soon as possible. It is estimated that around 20,000 to 30,000 people suffer injuries in garage door incidents on average. Here, we'll discuss the symptoms of a garage door repair silver spring MD, how to diagnose the issue, and what steps to take for a successful repair.

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Garage Door Repair in Howard County, MD

As you prepare to repair your garage door, here are five signs to consider:

Noisy Garage Door

A broken garage door spring is often associated with a loud bang or a thud. If you hear a loud noise from your garage door, it could signify that the spring has broken.

Difficulty Opening or Closing

Broken springs make it challenging to open or close your garage door, as they provide the power necessary to lift the door. If your garage door is facing a problem opening or closing, it could be due to a broken garage door spring.

Uneven Door

If the garage door is uneven when closed, it can be for a broken spring. When the spring is fully functional, the door should be evenly balanced and appear level when completed. If it's not, the spring can brake.

Sagging Door

If the garage door is sagging in the middle when closed, it could be due to a broken spring. If the spring gets broken, the pressure will be lost and appear to sag in the middle. When the spring of a closed door breaks, it can quickly drop with the full power of up to 300 pounds.

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Steps to repair a broken garage door spring

Determine Which Type of Spring You Need

There are two types of door springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are the most common type of spring found in residential garage doors and are typically installed directly above the door. On the other hand, extension springs are on the sides of the door. 

Once you have identified your type of spring, you will need to collect the necessary tools and parts. You'll need a winding bar, a winding cone, torsion springs, and a pair of pliers for torsion springs. For extension springs, you'll need a pair of pliers, a spring balance, and a pair of vice-grip pliers. 

Disconnect the power to the garage door

It is essential to ensure that no one is in the garage when you begin disassembly, as springs can produce intense force when released. Once the power is disconnected, you'll need to locate the springs and inspect them for signs of wear and tear. 

Release the tension in the springs

You can do this using a winding bar and winding cone. Place the winding bar in the middle of the torsion spring and turn it in the same direction as the arrow on the spring. It will release the tension and allow you to remove the spring quickly. 

For extension springs, you'll need to locate the spring balance and loosen the two bolts that hold the spring in place. Once the bolts are loose, you can slide the spring off balance. Finally, you can inspect the spring for any wear or damage.

Replace a new spring

You'll need to measure the spring length, the diameter of the spring, and the wire gauge. You can then use these measurements to purchase the matching spring from a hardware store. 

After purchasing the new spring, you can then attach it to the garage door by following the instructions provided with the new spring. Once the spring is connected, you'll need to adjust the tension in the spring by turning the winding cone. Once the pressure is normal, you can reconnect the power to the garage door! 

How can you diagnose the broken garage door spring?

Position of the door

One of the most common clues that you may have a garage door repair silver spring is if the door gets stuck in an open or closed position. The spring can break if it is in a semi-open place and won't go up or down. You can also test the spring by trying to lift the door manually. 

The gap between the track

The gap signifies that the spring is no longer adequately tensioned and needs replacement. You can manually move the door if you can't see the opening. The spring probably needs to be fixed if it moves quickly up and not down.

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