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When having a broken spring at your garage door, it needs to be replaced right away. Horizon Garage Doors is your professional solution for reliable & fast garage door service for garage door broken springs. We will replace your broken spring in no time.

Whether you have a garage door broken springs in your garage door, we specialize in torsion spring replacement and extension spring replacement for all types of garage doors.

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Garage Door Broken Spring

To have Broken Spring – is a major Hazard!

It is a major hazard to have a broken spring, especially when it is your only spring. when having one part broken it may reflect other parts to wear down or break such as your opener. trying to operate your garage door opener when having a broken spring it is put a lot of pressure on your garage door opener and might burn it out and break it down. In order to avoid this situation, unplug your garage door opener court from its outlet immediately and call Horizon Garage Door professional, at 301-852-6441, to have your broken spring replaced as soon as possible.

Broken Spring Garage Door Howard County

When you operate your garage door with broken spring it is VERY dangerous to any of your family member. The garage door might fall or drop to the ground and hit someone by accident. Also, can damage other material of your garage door. Garage door broken spring MUST to be replaced immediately.

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Garage Door Broken Spring

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